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Alli's Finley the fox project

Tis the season!! Introducing...Finley the Fox!!! The message: Follow Your Heart! 

I'm excited to announce the launch of the fourth annual stuffed animal toy drive: "Alli's FinleyTheFox Project!" 🦊

From now until 12/8, I'll be collecting gifts of $25. That will buy a huggable stuffed animal Finley! 

One stuffed animal will be donated to each of the 64 inpatient rooms at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center. Additional animals will be donated to Foster Love Bell County, which exists to raise awareness and mobilize the community to care for those in the child welfare system. 

A portion will also go to the Allison Dickson Temple Proud Scholarship through the Temple Education Foundation 

Let’s help these children feel loved and comforted during this holiday season.

Our goal is to brighten the season for 100 special children in our community with 100 Finleys donated! 

I’m passionate about this project because I've experienced numerous holidays in the hospital, and I know receiving a surprise gift can truly be a game changer and lift your spirits. I can imagine a reminder of love and comfort would do the same for children with Foster Love Bell County too!

Last year’s hedgehogs were a HUGE hit with the kids! Let’s see the power of love and encouragement we can make for a new set of children in need this year! 

Will you open your heart and share a spirit of giving by helping?  If interested, I'll be collecting contributions until 12/8! PayPal, Venmo, cash, check, or money order will gladly be accepted. Simply message me and I'll tell you where to send your gift! 

To add some fun, each Finley donated will be assigned a number, and there will be a drawing for prizes for every 50! Follow along the event page Alli’s Finley the Fox Project!! to learn more! 

Will you follow your heart like Finley and help uplift these children in need? Please join us in celebrating the season!! Thanks for your help!!

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