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A year ago I shared that I was working on a chapter to be included in a book called #RaisingWheels, a compilation of stories about people who have triumphed over obstacles that I hope you will find interesting and inspiring! The book is out now! Seeing it in print is an amazing feeling.


This year, I have two new, exciting ventures in mind...

First, I will be working on the writing and publication of my first solo book tentatively titled “I Just Need Possible: 90 Days of Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement” which I hope you will look forward to reading!


Second, my long term goal is to create a Foundation that will support the causes I’m passionate about now and long after my time here is done - a way to carry on my spirit and the things I believe in!

But, I need your help.... I am  calling on my friends and supporters for donations to help make my dreams possible. As a thank you for helping me, you will receive a copy of the "Raising Wheels" book in print, by making a gift of $30, or for $15 you will receive the digital e-book, which you can't find anywhere else! 


These donations will help me start creating "Just Need Possible: The Allison Dickson Foundation," as well as my book. ️The foundation will aim to continue inspiring others to believe anything is possible - because it is! 

Thank you for helping me spread that hope!


Donate $30 and receive the book in print,

or donate $15 for the E-book!

Want to give more?

Choose an option below and you will also receive the e-book.

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