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1 Year Post Covid 🙌🏻

One year ago today I was rushed to Baylor Scott & White Health #ER with a 102+ temperature and a terrible cough. While waiting for test results I thought I’d be home soon and wrapping up the annual gift drive for Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center. When the doctor came in and told me I had #COVID19 I said I didn’t. I’d gone almost 2 years without catching it and had been so careful. The doctor assured me the test was positive and I tried to talk him into a redo 🤷🏻‍♀️

Things get foggy shortly after that. I remember someone telling me they had to change my Trach to go on life support. I remember approving hours on my phone for my staff to get paid. I remember not being able to talk and struggling to type on my phone. I knew it was bad. I felt alone. And scared. And guilt. I worried about my Mom (Covid free 🙌🏻) and who was helping her. I heard nurses coming in and out and talk about how the 7-8 day mark was critical. My first vivid memory was New Year’s Eve and hearing Betty White had died. #RIP, Rose 🌹 I had moments of wondering if it was my time too.

It wasn’t. There’s too much to tell in a post about the next two months. My battle was hard. Long. Daunting. But I was not alone. I can’t thank the medical team at BSW enough for all they did to save my life and help me get back to me. I would not have made it without the support and prayers of the #ATeam, my staff at home who fought with me every step of the way. And of course I am nothing without #TeamAlli - my friends who are like family - who never gave up on me even when I teetered on giving up on myself. Your encouragement, good thoughts and prayers, and your love mean more than I can ever adequately say. #ThankYou ❤️

This 1 year milestone is a time to reflect on how grateful I am for this wonderful life. It’s a time to mourn what has changed and the adaptation ahead. It’s a time to refocus on how to best use my time and my energy and my voice to do good and help others. It’s a time to recommit to the motto: I don’t need easy. I #JustNeedPossible, and I truly believe that no matter the hardships we face anything is possible 🫶🏻

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