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Cheers to the Best Parents 🥂

Today would be my parents 63rd #anniversary 🎉 Although we lost my #Dad in '08, their #love story will never end. They both are notoriously #camerashy, but I found this gem of us from my last #Birthday together 🎂

Many of you know this story, but for those who don't! My parents chose my #siblings and brought them into our #family by #adoption. They thought they could not have biological children. After 20 years of marriage 💑, my #Mom was going in for a hysterectomy. During her pre op, her #OBGYN came to her and said, "Johnnie, you may want to rethink this. You're pregnant!" And there I was. 👶🏻

When I was diagnosed with a rare form of #MuscularDystrophy at the age of 15 months, the doctors told my parents I may live a year. I honestly don’t know how they handled it because news like this typically tears families apart. Actually I do know how they did it! #Love ❤️ #Faith ✝️ #Commitment to each other and to all of their children.

Oh I could tell some funny stories, but the best #story is they found each other and fell in love and on this day many years ago said, "I do" for #always. #HappyAnniversary to the most amazing and selfless #parents ever!! I love y’all ❤️ #CuteCouple Alert 😍

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