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7 Years Home 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

This is my #jackpot year 🎰 7 years ago today on 7-7 I came home from a 5 month stay in the #hospital. I was no stranger to hospitals, but I had no idea when I was admitted that I was beginning the #fight of AND for my life. I don’t publicly share much about what happened during those 5 months, but they changed my life completely. I went into septic shock and respiratory failure. My body was shutting down and I had to be on life support 3 separate times. I was told I may never speak or breathe on my own again. I was told I may never go home. I was told I could have a very fulfilling life despite all these predictions. I wasn’t told - but I knew without anyone saying it - my chances for survival were slim. Slim but #possible, and I just need possible 😉 I was #scared - who wouldn't be? But I saw the dedication of my #Mom, my #friends, my medical team at Baylor Scott & White Health (too many to name, but you know who you are!), and I saw #hope. It wasn't fast. It wasn't and isn't always easy. But I know that #God has a plan for my life. He threw me a curveball, but you have to just keep swinging!

I read that one way to work through #grief is to find a #purpose. #QOTD I would be lying to say there has not been #grief over my #health issues. I’ve also felt #guilt - What did I do to cause this? How can I alleviate the burden on my #Mom and those who care for me? Of course I’ve played the #WhatIf game. But there is also #forgiveness - Recognizing the pain and loving in spite of it. Loving myself just as I am scars and all. Often through painful experiences we find out how #strong we really are 💪🏻 And maybe we find a #purpose. My work here wasn’t done. Revisiting this day #then (left) and memorializing #now (right) is a #celebration of #life, #love, #hope, and #faith. It’s a celebration of #teamwork, #perseverance, #selflessness, and #community ❤️ It’s a day of #gratitude and #appreciation. I’m so lucky to have the love and encouragement of #TeamAlli who continue to walk with me through this journey! It’s a day to say #ThankYou and #ILoveYou ❤️ Each day is a #gift, and the most important gift we have is each other.

This I know is #true: Despite all #predictions, I am here, no matter what difficulties you are facing there is #hope, and I will #live and #love and try my best to make the world a better place with all that I have for as long as I have ❤️

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