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Birthday Eve: Reflections and Optimism

On the night before my #birthday, I look at this little girl and think about the life she didn’t know was yet to unfold. I think about the #joy and #love and #pain and #loss that she experiences. I think about the #friends and #lovers who come in and out of her life and shape it in unseen ways. I think about her #siblings whose lives are suddenly altered and the regrets she has for the effect on them. I think about her #parents. Oh what parents she is #blessed with who demonstrate unconditional, self-sacrificial #love all of their days. I think about the different path her life could have taken but do not dwell there - because in doing so there is danger in losing sight of what a wonderful #life this life is. I think about what’s brought her to #today and the experiences yet to come starting #tomorrow as the calendar turns and I tell her - I tell myself - let the love all around you in and know each day is a #gift to be celebrated ❤️

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