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Graduation Season!

It’s hard to believe that #OnThisDay 23 years ago, this little girl (Me!) and 412 #classmates graduated from #TempleHigh 💙 I learned so much from my time in the Temple Independent School District - both in and out of the classroom - and that #foundation helped shape me into who I am today.

Two things that I’ve been reminded of lately: 1) I never went in the front doors of the high school. There was no #ramp, so I used the back entrance everyday. Shortly before I graduated, my #parents realized a front ramp wasn’t likely in the works, so they gathered friends and with approval a #ramp was built in a few days. This wasn’t an act of defiance or disappointment. It was seeing a #need, gathering a #team, and making it happen - not just for me but for anyone who needed it. 2) In planning the #ceremony, it was decided that I would not go across the #stage. Instead they would bring my #diploma down to me. The decision wasn’t based on what was #possible. In fact, I’m not sure what the decision was based on 🤷🏻‍♀️ but it wasn’t right. I earned the #privilege of going across that stage just like every other #graduate. My parents again intervened, and no one knew anything about what almost wasn’t as I crossed that stage full of #excitement and #accomplishment. It was a #perfectday 😍

My parents are my #heroes, and I like to think I got my #tenacity and #MoralCompass from them. These instances may give #insight into my #passion for the Allison Dickson Temple Proud Scholarship through the Temple Education Foundation we’re building! I’ll always be a #Proud #Wildcat and member of Wildcat Nation, and I’ll always want to help #students along their own educational #journey.

To the #ClassOf2021, #congratulations and remember: You don’t need #easy, you just need #possible - and anything is #possible 🎓

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