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The Day That Changed My Life

February 4, 2014 - 6 years ago today changed my life. That night I wasn't feeling well and went to the ER at the hospital. I didn't know then that it was the start of a fight for my life. After being admitted, I don't remember much about the next month (the forgotten February!), so what I know I've pieced together from vague memories and others. I do know I went into septic shock and respiratory failure. I know I was put on life support 3 different times. I know many thought it was the end and my body couldn't recover. I know my Mom and Soul Sisters were crying in the ICU hallway as the team tried to save my life. I know I was told I may never breathe on my own or talk or have any kind of "normal" life if I survived. I won't lie - It was inconceivably dire. The thing is, it would have been easy to believe those predictions, but I also knew that no one understood my will - not just to live, but to be. When I use #StayStrong 💪🏻, those words mean something to me. It's a mindset. This picture was taken 4 months into my recovery (shoutout to Toby the Therapy Dog 🐶).

Although today there is some sadness thinking about how life changed, I also rejoice that my story isn’t over, and I remember that this was the start of #TeamAlli! I know I couldn't have made it then or now without the love, support and encouragement of #TeamAlli, and I'm thankful always that you continue to walk by my side. I know every day is a gift and I want to live and love and make a difference with all that I have for as long as I have! I know my work here wasn't done, and I can't wait to continue seeing what life has in store! I am changed. I am stronger. ❤

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