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The Upside

I watched the movie The Upside recently and have been telling everyone, “You need to see this movie!” It’s about Dell, a paroled convict, who becomes a caregiver for billionaire quadriplegic, Phillip. There are so many moments I related to - the bond you form with those helping you, the contradiction between the agility of the mind v. the hurdles of physical limitations, the humor that can be found in many situations, the unique challenges involved with romantic relationships, and the overall goodness inside most people.

There were things I didn’t relate to - I’ve never known life without MuscularDystrophy whereas Phillip suddenly went from being an active and independent man to being wheelchair bound. It’s hard for me to imagine life any other way but Phillip can only imagine life another way. Most topics are treated thoughtfully and even with a touch of humor. One of my favorite lines happens when Dell accompanies Phillip to the opera. Dell is checking out the women there and as the ultimate wingman says, “You can have any girl you want. What about this lady with all the Botox? You're perfect for each other. You can't move your body, she can't move her face.” 😉 I won’t give too much away, but this movie is highly recommended for all ages ❤️

So here’s my confession: In pictures I strongly dislike full-body shots. I almost always share pictures taken from the waist up. Why? I think subconsciously I don’t want people to focus on my legs. I want others to focus on my mind and my heart. Am I vain? Sure - who isn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I also try to always remember the can rather than the cant - or actually the let’s figure out how even if it’s different. The Upside reminded me of the value of people as a whole - including me. Tonight I’m sharing a recent picture of #AllOfMe #JustAsIAm #ThisIsMe ❤️

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